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Conclusion. They are 3–6" long and persist for 4–8 years, giving the tree its dense crown.
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  • pine trees live for 100 years and under so be careful they are our fossils.
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    Stems and roots of seedlings are consumed by the larvae of turnip moth and pine processionary; several bird and mammal.

  • Pine trees have 200 years of life, and Tulip-Poplar has 250 years but may extend to 450 years with proper care.
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  • Pine.
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    The bark of the ponderosa pine is orange-brown and looks scaly.

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  • Transplants easily.
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    Dip the bottom inch of each cutting into rooting hormone.

  • Bristlecone pine trees are known to live at least.
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    Pine trees can live for hundreds of years.

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