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  • It is pressed with an image or hand-carved while the final layer is still soft.
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  • It is the only important ore of mercury.
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    It is the only important ore of mercury.

  • Cinnabarite (commonly known as Cinnabar) is an ancient, powerful stone used in alchemy and the transformative process.
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    Cinnabar is still used in at least 46 traditional.

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    Find cinnabar jewelry handmade with high quality at AliExpress.

  • A very short blast in distilled water in the ultrasonic will clean any piece but I would avoid any solvent and prolonged soaking in anything as it will soften the.
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    But, a hot day, or even the heat from handling cinnabar is enough to release mercury, and its associated vapour phases.

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    Cinnabar gold is the most popular symbol of strength, wisdom and good judgment.