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no of edges – no. Data Flow Analysis Schema • Build a flow graph (nodes = basic blocks, edges = control flow) • Set up a set of equations between in[b] and out[b] for all basic blocks b –Effect of code in basic block: •Transfer function f brelates in[b] and out[b], for same b –Effect of flow of control: •relates out[b 1], in[b 2] if b 1and b 2are.
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  • Download scientific diagram | 3: Example of Control Flow Graph from publication: Source code modularization using lattice of concept slices | Most legacy systems have been altered due to prolonged.
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    A control flow graph is a representation of a program where contiguous regions of code without branches, known as basic blocks, are represented as nodes in a graph and edges between nodes indicate the possible flow of the program.

  • In the above control flow graph, there are 4 regions as shown below :.
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    Note that # of decision nodes also named as predicate nodes.

  • T c(n ) identies the type of.
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