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Ad Shop. Check out the deal on AB1DK23P-6258 Air Spring, Replaces Firestone W01-358-6258 & Meritor 21227892 at AnythingTruck.
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  • 9376 Air Bag AB1DK20D-9376; 9376 Air Bag AB1DK20D-9376.
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    An air spring could be defined as a reservoir of air made of rubber and fabric, which is shaped with bellows and that can be used to support load, isolate vibrations and shocks, or act as a pneumatic cylinder by expanding itself.

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    40 Nm M8: max.

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  • 35 Nm M10: max.
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  • -PHOENIX 1DK 23 L-1 Complete With Metal Parts Pack Quantity - 28 - GOODYEAR 1R12-837 Complete With Metal Parts Pack Quantity - 28 700232 AIR SPRING 376318-CPL Complete With Metal Parts Pack Quantity - 28 Detail.
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    1DK23 German Autopsy, Dissecting Knives, 30 cm x 32 mm Lightweight and perfectly balanced dissection knife with a hollow ground cutting edge.

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    Phoenix Air is a unique international aircraft.