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Lilith conjunct the Ascendant or MC–super sexy in a more raw way than Eros. Nov 1, 2004 · This thread started with a discussion of my Sappho (8th house) which sits at the midpoint of my 8th house Sun and 9th house Venus and is conjunct to both.
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    how much is lydia elise millen house worth / psyche conjunct sun synastry.

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    The degrees are all between 20-22 degrees! Looking at some synastry: withPatrick: my Sappho is conjunct his Pluto-Spirit-conjunction his Sappho is conjunct my Moon, trine my.

  • With the conjunction there is more compulsion and less difficulty for Mr Sun in tuning into your Sappho-ness.
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    Our last asteroid is Sappho, and this asteroid is not named after a mythological person, but an actual person! Sappho was a poet, intelligent and attractive; unfortunately, a lot of her work got burned (you know the zealots never liked smart outspoken women!).

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  • Ceres–I love this one as this is a mother’s love–the most pure and truest love of a mother for her baby.
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    aphrodite conjunct descendant synastry.

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    Vests conjuncts my sun/moon, but holy moly, the trauma is just so profound.

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    Which is of course exactly what the birth control pill promoted.