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0 Update - 2023) walkthrough & guide! This walkthrough will cover the Wartales adventure from start to finish, helping you navigate the world and find all the side quests. Wartales offers two methods to improve the in-game relationship.
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  • This is my Ultimate Professions Guide for Wartales, in which I share everything you need to know about the Blacksmith, Angler, Tinkerer, Cook, Miner, Alchemi.
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  • You must complete The Assaulted Vintner before this is available.
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  • Head to the Loop Vineyard, which is northeast of the Jugglers’ Camp.
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    1 hour ago · Rat Infestations in Wartales are occasional objectives given to the players in different game locations.

  • 100% Map guide of five first regions (Tiltren, Vertruse, Arthes, Ludern, Grinmeer) + Mount Altis.
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    Strategies for mandatory battles will be provided, covering a variety of possibilities depending on your party.

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